More Books Are Good For Your Brain

In the previous post I promoted my own books a bit. And since I mentioned it, here they are again:

And I promised in that post that I’d promote a handful of other authors. No big names here; you guys don’t need my help to get your books out there. The intention here is to try to give a leg up to a few people with some excellent books that you might not know about.

So let’s start off with Craig Hallam, a fellow Brit. I read Greaveburn a while back and it’s one of those books I can’t help but pick up and read again every so often. (I think I’ve read it four times now.) He also has the Alan Shaw stories, and more. Check his work out here:

Now I must mention the great authors at my own publisher. While I don’t claim to have read everyone I have read Aly Grauer, Ben Ireland, Russell Smith, and several others. Don’t miss out on some outstanding stories:

That’s all I have time for today; I’m eager to get on with timelining my own next book. So until next time . . .

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