Editing “The Artemis Device”, and Wattpad

A short post, since I have only a few minutes.

A milestone: I just finished an editing pass on The Artemis Device. In that pass I fixed a good number of grammatical and other typos, but more importantly I’ve put in markers show where new scenes will go, and also marked places where a certain amount of rewriting will be needed.

The next pass, then, will see those scenes written and the other changes made. Since I now know exactly what scenes are needed and how they fit into the timeline, writing them will be that much easier.

My plan is to take a day or two away from Artemis before I get started on that next pass. Among other things I have some ideas for a new story and I want to get those written down while they’re fresh. Also, I’ve been looking into Wattpad a little bit, and it sounds interesting. I want to spend a few hours researching it to see if it lives up to the hype.

Until next time . . .