Other Projects

Other Projects

These had some work done on them but are now on hold, at least until some of the above projects are complete or close to it, and possibly permanently.

Pavonis rewrite: Steampunk/SF. This one was written, self-published and then unpublished, and I’ve been thinking about rewriting it completely for submission. Among other things, it was written in first-person, which in hindsight might have been a serious mistake. Or not. And the title sucks. It’s also badly paced (things like this are why we all need professional editors). However I still think it’s a good story with some good ideas, and I’d really like to have another shot at it.

26-Jul-17 14:40: After much thinking on this, I’ve decided not to rewrite it. In fact, I republished on Smashwords, warts and all (including the sections that somehow got underlined even though that wasn’t in the original files I generated the Epub file from). I might, if I can find the original files, clean up the content to fix that and re-upload a new file. I’m also seriously considering creating a new cover. But a complete rewrite is pretty much out of the question at this point. I might consider writing a sequel and publishing the two together as a single book; I’ve had some thoughts in the past about how the story might continue on. However nothing is going to be done until the Untitled Science Fiction Book project is done—and that could easily be a year away.

Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia sequel: Unlikely this will ever happen, unfortunately (but not completely out of the question). I did have a preliminary timeline mostly worked out; that’s about as far as it got before other things got in the way (the main thing being that The Artemis Device was submitted for publication and took priority).

13-Jan-18 07:37: Watch this space.

15-Jan-18 11:33: It’s alive. I’m creating a new WiP page for it next.

07-Apr-19 13:14: It’s dead again. See the WiP page for details.

Artemis II & III: Again, possible but unlikely at this time. II has a partial timeline, and III was at the ideas phase as far as I can remember. (Note to self: dig out what I have and remind myself how far these got.)