A bit about me:

I’m English, living in the US with my wife of seventeen eighteen nineteen years (in Colorado, not terribly far from Denver).

I have a day job; I’m a Java developer, currently specialising in web applications.

Evenings and weekends, I write. To see what I’m writing, hop over to the WiP page.


You know how you get that urge, when reading a good book, to write a book of your own? Well, that’s how it started, a long time ago. Here’s a short and far from complete list of the writers and books that did that for me:

Roger ZelaznyMy Name Is Legion

Robert SilverbergLord Valentine’s Castle

Christopher Priest – A Dream Of Wessex

John Varley – The Gaea Trilogy (in particular, Titan)

Mervyn Peake – The Gormenghast Series (but especially the first book, Gormenghast)

Robert Rankin – The Brentford Trilogy in particular.

But if there’s one writer, and one book, that more than any others made me want to become a writer myself, it is certainly . . .

Iain BanksThe Bridge

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