The Artemis Device

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Because this book isn’t available yet. It’s currently at the copy editing phase, and will be published by Xchyler Publishing sometime in late 2017 2018. (Copy editing is taking longer than expected for reasons beyond my or Xchyler’s control.)

Um. It’s now February 2020 and nothing has moved on this in longer than I can actually remember any more. The publisher is having problems that I won’t go into here, and I’ve decided I am now done waiting. I’ll be heading back to England sometime in the next month or so, and once I’m there and settled I’ll continue self-editing this book, then probably engage a professional editor for a “final” pass, and then it’ll probably be self-published. No promises, but I’d like to get this one out there before the end of this year if it’s humanly possible.

Watch this space.