Thanksgiving took precedence over just about everything else the last few days—since last Saturday, I think, when Kate and I started getting things rolling for the holiday. I haven’t had time for anything else—in fact, today is the first time I’ve fired up my laptop since Tuesday. So I haven’t had time to give Gunn & Bohemia II more than a passing glance, and as a result I’ve made almost no progress at all on it.

That changes now that Thanksgiving is past. Today the plan is: (1) clear up yesterday’s mess—specifically, doing dishes, dumping food waste, and wiping things down (aftermath of five adults and two children); (2) get back to the work I was doing on the timeline; (3) try to get back to some of the promotional stuff I need to do on Gunn & Bohemia.

It’s not going to be easy . . . here is today’s morning face:


. . . all I can say is, thank goodness for coffee.

Unfortunately I’m one of those people who has a problem with doing writing work when I have other things hanging over me—so I’m not going to be able to focus on G&B II until the kitchen looks less like a bomb hit it. So I’d better get back to it. Until next time . . .

Exit Manoeuvre

At this moment I’m in my office, waiting for my work laptop to finish installing updates so I can shut it down and head for the homestead. I have a few minutes, so . . .

The story for the sequel to Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia comes on apace, but I’m stalled at the moment. My protagonists are in one place; I need to get them into two groups, in two different places, in the build-up to the Big Finish. And right now I have only an inkling of how I can make that happen in a way that seems natural to the flow of the story, and keeps those protagonists true to their individual characters. It’s a puzzle. So I’ll be thinking about that on the drive home. With luck, I’ll have a solution by the time I get there.

Laptop has finished updating. Time to shut it down, then I’ll be initiating the “getting the hell out of here” manoeuvre. Until next time, gentle reader . . .

Oops . . .

A few days ago I found that WordPress now allows blog posts to send automatically to Google+. I already had this set up to send to Facebook and Twitter, and I’d been waiting for them to add Google+, so I jumped on it.

Well, it looks like I jumped a bit too quickly. I didn’t set it up right, and it turns out it was posting to G+ privately, so that only people in my circles could see. I just fixed it, I hope. If you’re seeing this on G+, and you’d like to see the couple of posts that got missed, head on over to Luckily, I caught it pretty quick.

Next problem on Google+: I had a separate author page set up. Now I can’t find it. Did G+ delete it for some reason? Did I do something dumb and blow it away by accident? I have no idea. I’ll set it up again, I suppose, but not right this instant. I have a DVD to hunt down.


The timeline for the sequel to Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia is coming along, slowly but steadily. I have about fifty scenes down so far. It’s surprisingly hard work. Each of the story elements in my rough outline gets broken down into a sequence of scenes in my head, and I start writing them in. But then there’s quite a bit of shuffling things around—deciding which character’s point of view is going to be shown for any given scene can be tough, and sometimes it’s easier to break a scene in two, so that part of the action is shown for a different character. And all the time I’ve got the side-plots buzzing in my head, and I have to think about how I’m going to slot those in. I’ve been at this for something like four hours, on and off, and to be honest I think I need to take a break and watch a movie, or something, and do a bit more later.

On the subject of movies, I had an urge to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies back to back. In the end I watched them in chunks of an hour or so at a time over the last few days. I reached the end of Return of the King last night (fast forwarding over that sappy part where Bilbo and Frodo leave with the elves—the only part of the trilogy that I find unbearably yawn-inducing). What next? I thought. And I already knew the answer: dig out the Oblivion DVD. So I hunted high and low through our DVD collection. Couldn’t find it. Which just made things worse—the more I couldn’t find it, the more I wanted to watch it. And I still want to watch it, so when I’m done with this post I’m going to search again. This time I’ll hunt low and high; maybe that’ll make a difference.

Since I’m here, a quick update on Gunn & Bohemia: I have to say I’m a bit disappointed on the review front. The reviews it’s had so far have been very good—One five-star, one four-star, and a couple of five-star ratings—but I’d expected to see a few more come in over the last few days, and there’s been nothing. I’m probably just being impatient. The book’s only been out a month. Calm down. Breathe.

I also found a local independent bookstore that will put a few print copies of the book on their shelves. It’s something they do for local authors only—northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, and that’s it. Next step on that front is to get some print copies (which I was hoping to have organised already, but, well, circumstances beyond my control and all that . . . I should have it sorted by around the middle of next week). They also do signing events for local authors (same constraints on the area) but they’re booked solid on that for something like the next three months, so I won’t be able to arrange anything until at least February. Oh, well.

[That’s weird, now that I think about it. A few months ago I’d have have been all knotted up inside at the prospect of being on display in a bookshop, and relieved at there being a delay. Now I’m actually disappointed that I can’t do it right now, damn it. Strange how things change.]

That’s enough for today. I really want to watch Oblivion. Time to go on the great DVD hunt. Until next time . . .

This Is A Drill

. . . well, sort of. I’ll come back to that.

While I’m here, a quick update. The sequel to Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia is in the works; at this moment I have an overall story and I’ve been getting down into the details on on a scene-by-scene basis. Getting through that part will probably take another week or two.

Now, to the real reason for this post: WordPress finally got talking to Google+. So when I publish this, it should appear on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Here goes . . .

[Update: It worked!]

Some Progress

Things are still busy on the day-job front—I’m still playing catch-up with the work that didn’t get done during the government shutdown. But the worst seems to be over. Today I got the code I’ve been working on to a point where I can’t really test it any more by my lonesome; that’s now in the hands of another guy who’s writing the code that will send data in for processing.

So, I’ve finally been able to spend more than a few minutes on some writing work. I was able to finish a short story and submit it. And I have to report that Smoke & Mirrors—the novel I was working on before Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia—has been put back on indefinite hold. It’s like this, you see . . . I was working on it, going through the scenes I’d already written, polishing them and in some cases tearing them out completely, and making notes of new scenes to be slotted in. But as I was doing that, I was also thinking about ideas for Gunn & Bohemia II. And the more I thought about that, the more obvious it became that I would have to stop work on Smoke to get those ideas written down before I forgot them. Those few notes became the beginnings of a timeline, and so on.

The upshot of all that is that I’m now working on G & B II pretty much exclusively. I have the backbone of the main story, and the beginnings of some side plots. I’ve met my characters, and although some can be considered old friends there are some new faces I have to get to know. And I even did something I don’t usually do at such an early stage: I’ve written a scene. I couldn’t help myself. This one scene has been rattling around in my head for a week or more. It wanted to be written. No; it demanded to be written, and it wasn’t going to let me rest until it was done. So I wrote it. Now, it can sit quietly until its time comes, and then it can be edited and slotted into place. Or torn down and rewritten, or torn out completely, if it doesn’t fit in by the time the rest is ready to be written.

And so, work continues, not rushed but steady, as I figure out the various threads of the story and get them down in note form. It’s going to be a while before I’m ready to begin the real writing; based on the time it took me with my other full-length stories, it could be anything from six to twelve weeks, depending on how much time I get during lunchtimes, evenings and weekends. It’s times like this that make me wish I could pack in the day-job and write full time. Perhaps one day, eh?

Which brings me to a few words about Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia. It’s had a couple of good reviews, and I expect to see more over the next couple of weeks; press releases have gone out, which—fingers crossed—will spur a lot of interest. Sell sheets are out in a handful of places, and I’m planning on hitting up a few more. And one thing happened that was pretty big from my perspective: I actually signed my first paperback copies! Two of them, in fact, within a few minutes of each other. The feeling that invokes is difficult to describe.

And so . . . it’s 9:30pm on a Monday night, and I have a 5:15am start in the morning, so I’m going to wrap this up and watch some TV. I was working to the sounds of Pandora earlier today, and The Lord of the Rings soundtrack was quite heavily featured. To the point that I now have an irresistible urge to watch all three movies, special edition length. Without further ado then, it’s time for The Fellowship of the Ring.

Until next time . . .