I don’t consider myself an artist by any stretch. All the same, I like messing about with image software—PaintShop Pro, Painter Essentials and Vue Esprit, for example. Here are a few samples of what even duffer like me can make. I’ll add to this every so often.

Created with Vue. The recon craft was several hours’ work; creating the scene was then a couple of hours.
Just messing about with Vue.
Started with a photo I took in Dallas one night, and spent some time with PaintShop Pro, putting it through filters, separating layers and such.
Built a 3-D model, then experimented with lighting and textures. A few more hours on it could have made something photo quality, I think.
I think I did this one in Bryce. It’s been sitting on my hard drive for years. I don’t remember the details.

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