Britannia One

This is the sequel to Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia. “Britannia One” is a working title at the moment.

Current status: on hold

15-Jan-18 11:40: I’ve been thinking about getting on with the sequel for a few weeks, but it was only yesterday that I actually dug out the work I’d already done on it. I thought I’d got a partially complete timeline and not much else. Wrong! The timeline was all but complete. I had a line-drawn map of the region where the action takes place. I even had two first-draft chapters written, and a third part-way done. They’ll probably need to be rewritten, but I was surprised that I’d actually got that far, way back in 2014, and didn’t remember it. Now, having dug back through emails to my copy editor, it seems I put the project on hold at the time because (1) I wasn’t completely happy with the timeline (mostly the ending), and (2) my wife and I were in the process of moving house at the time, and the consequent upheaval made writing difficult. As far as being unhappy with the timeline goes, I can see a fairly straightforward change I can make that goes a long way toward fixing the problem with the ending, and as far as the rest goes, sod it; I’m much more likely to be able to find and fix problems as I hit them while writing the scenes. So the plan is to spend another couple of hours reading the timeline again, to get my head around the story’s big picture, then start pounding keys.

30-May-18 08:28: Wow, is it that long since I updated this? Time flies. Anyway, here’s the deal: I had a lot of problems with the timeline at first, and then on top of that a lot of domestic/family things that meant not enough writing time. I’ve now got that pretty much behind me, and I’ve started writing again. It’s been really slow going – the writing muscles are atrophied, and it’s taken a while to get myself back up to speed. But it’s coming along – I’ve done more work in the last three days than I’d managed in the prior three months, and I’m feeling better about the whole thing. Word count right now is at around 7,500. Watch this space.

07-Apr-19 12:58: Haven’t done any work on it for a while. With Xchyler apparently gone down the toilet, I’m not intending to do any more work on it until I can find another publisher ready to take on the original G&B; if I can make that happen, a sequel might be realistic. Until then, this is ON HOLD.