I was at my local pharmacy earlier today, picking up a prescription, and as I was leaving I saw a big grey-haired guy. He looked about seventy-ish. He was wearing a military baseball cap—US Navy, I think, but I was a bit too far away to be sure—and everything about him said Veteran with a capital V. Looking at him, I’m thinking that this guy’s probably not quite old enough to have served in WWII. But I’m going to guess that there’s a good chance he had parents and possibly grandparents who fought nazis in that war.

And then he climbed into a big Chevy truck and I couldn’t help but notice a blue and white TRUMP sticker in the back window.

After everything that’s happened over the last few days, here’s someone who continues to support Trump after it’s plain to anyone keeping up with the news that he’s on the side of the nazis behind what happened in Charlottesville, and in fact nazis everywhere.

Just to be clear, since I haven’t heard a lot of people reminding us why we say nazis are evil: Those nazis in WWII were the ones that said straight white people like us are the best people and that gives us the right to murder the jews, and the gays, and blacks, and the disabled, and the mentally ill, and anyone else we think is inferior, which is basically everyone that isn’t us. And these nazis today—you can call them White Nationalists or Alt-Right if you like, but they’re still nazis—are just the same old shit in a dapper new wrapper. Same agenda. Same evil.

So here’s a guy who looks for all the world like a veteran, who should know better than most just how evil nazis are. Yet he’s supporting Trump, the nazi sympathiser. The nazi enabler. The nazi stooge who won’t say a word to condemn nazis because nazis got him into the White House and he doesn’t dare piss them off.

And in continuing to support Trump, this veteran guy is betraying the people who fought and in many cases died in WWII to stop the same damned nazis.

So I say to you: If you’re still supporting Trump after what’s been going on, then that makes you a nazi sympathizer too. If you can do that, knowing what the nazis were then and still are today, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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