The Hero’s Journey

HERE’S a coincidence.

Last night we had a Writing Workshop meeting. The presenter was author Laura Resau and the subject was Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey, and how it can form a framework for a story—and perhaps more interestingly, how you can improve a story by comparing it to the Journey, seeing how things fit, and using the results to suggest improvements to the story structure. As an exercise at the end, we compared our current projects to the Journey. I used the outline I had in my head for the as-yet-untitled sci-fi novel I’ve been thinking about (see the WiP page) and I was surprised to note that, apart from a couple of minor discrepancies, my story was a very close match. I’ve been using The Hero’s Journey, and didn’t even know that I was doing that. It makes me wonder if that story structure is wired into us somehow.

Just a little while ago I checked Google+ and a post from earlier today included a link to a YouTube video about… Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey.

Coincidence. No other way it could have happened. Yet I can’t help thinking someone or something is trying to tell me something.

Anyway, the video is rather a long one, apparently spliced together from a bunch of shorter ones. Rather than post that, I was able to find the first of those shorter ones, which is definitely worth a watch. It’s three or four minutes long. Enjoy!

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