New Look

LIKE the new web page? Actually this all started out when I went to refresh a few things on the page and the thing flung me a message telling me that the theme I had couldn’t do what I wanted because it had been retired and wasn’t supported any more. Oh, well. So I picked out a new theme (another free one, because I’m a cheap git), and did a little customising and stuff. It might not be final, either—I like it but it puts the archives and stuff at the bottom instead of on the side, and I don’t like that. So I might find a different theme (or experiment with a few until I find one I really like).

I also went ahead and paid a bit of cash to upgrade from the Cheap Git plan (that is, the free one) to the next one up. So now you might notice that there are no ads. Yay!

Finally, I’m posting this mostly because I feel like slamming down a few words, but also because the sharing configuration was playing up a bit when it tried to send posts over to Google+ and this is going to test to make sure it’s fixed now.

On that note, that’s it for now.

[UPDATE: I changed it again, to get the widgets on the side. I’ll probably be tweaking it a bit too.]

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