Farming Followers

TO the guy who followed and unfollowed me on Twitter four times in the space of an hour (no doubt so that I’d get the notifications), and then sent a whiny message via my contact page asking why I didn’t follow back: Here’s why.

  • You’re already following a huge number of Twitter accounts. More than 30,000, in fact. Anything I write is going to be lost in the noise. You didn’t follow me because you want to read what I have to say; in fact, following that many people, I doubt that you give a shit about what any of them have to say because you can’t possibly have time to read them all. Or maybe you muted 99% of them, which again means you don’t care what most of them have to say. That tells me that you follow because you want follow-backs to swell your follower count, and nothing more.
  • I might have followed you regardless of that huge following count, if you had something worthwhile to say (I follow quite a few who follow thousands, because despite that they are often entertaining). But when I glanced at your timeline I found that nine out of ten tweets are promoting your book (which I checked out and doesn’t interest me), and the remainder are mostly right-wing conspiracy-theory bullshit about Obama wanting to take your guns away. It’s boring and repetitive, and more than a little mental. I have no reason to follow nutjobs.

Under normal circumstances I just would have ignored you. I get followed by a lot of people playing follower-farmer, and most of them unfollow me after a day or two when I don’t join in the game. But they don’t usually go at me over and over, and they don’t contact me complaining about not getting a follow-back. You did, and you pissed me off, so now you’re blocked.

Rant mode off. For my regular readers, normal service will resume shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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