An Hour With @KevinHearne

Yesterday evening my wife and I moseyed on down to the library in Erie, CO to listen to a talk by Kevin Hearne, author of the Iron Druid series.

Kevin Hearne on the right. Yours truly on the left. Like you couldn’t figure that out. Photo cred: Kate Ford

We had a great time. Mr. Hearne didn’t go with a set script, instead prompting the audience (about a dozen people, I guess—I didn’t count heads) for questions about writing in general and his writing in particular. And so he talked about Iron Druid, and his writing style; and people asked about how he came up with his characters and settings. He often went off-topic, telling us about things that happened while researching his books. I could have listened all evening. If you ever get a chance to catch one of his talks, do.

It was entertaining and educational (I definitely learned a couple of things, particularly about how developing a character can automatically create story—something I’m taking to heart as I develop my currently untitled WiP).

Check out Kevin Hearne’s web site for details about forthcoming events (including signing tour dates for Staked, the eighth Iron Druid story).

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