Feeling Better, Thanks

I’m just about over the worst cold I can remember having in quite a while. Normally I don’t get sick—or to be more accurate, I don’t get knocked flat by the symptoms as badly as most people do—but this one has been a doozy. It hit me Thursday, got worse Friday (which was also my and Kate’s wedding anniversary, so my plans to go out for a nice dinner went sideways), then pretty much laid me out Saturday—I spent most of the day in bed. Does a cold cause fever? I didn’t think so, but my temperature hit 102°F at one point; maybe it wasn’t just a cold.

This morning I’m feeling a lot better. A little shivery, and occasional dizzy spells if I stand up too quick, and I feel tired despite sleeping well—but no more sneezy, drippy stuff. A few people on Twitter sent me some get-well wishes, and I appreciate it; thank you to all.

One more rest day and I should be fine. And that’s good, because tomorrow I’m going to need my strength. The inherited project from hell, even though it now appears to be working adequately, still needs more work. But enough of that for now; I don’t want to even think about it today.

What I do want to think about, and actually make some progress on, is project codename GB2, the sequel to Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia. My content editor sent through some more comment markups on the timeline, but thanks to the day-job overload and then the bout of illness I haven’t had a chance to take more than a little look. In a little bit I’m going to get busy reviewing those. And so without further ado, it’s time to grab a coffee and get geared up. Until next time . . .

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