Oops . . .

A few days ago I found that WordPress now allows blog posts to send automatically to Google+. I already had this set up to send to Facebook and Twitter, and I’d been waiting for them to add Google+, so I jumped on it.

Well, it looks like I jumped a bit too quickly. I didn’t set it up right, and it turns out it was posting to G+ privately, so that only people in my circles could see. I just fixed it, I hope. If you’re seeing this on G+, and you’d like to see the couple of posts that got missed, head on over to PeteFordWriter.com. Luckily, I caught it pretty quick.

Next problem on Google+: I had a separate author page set up. Now I can’t find it. Did G+ delete it for some reason? Did I do something dumb and blow it away by accident? I have no idea. I’ll set it up again, I suppose, but not right this instant. I have a DVD to hunt down.

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