Day Trip: Laramie, WY; Big Day Tomorrow

The Day Trip

Since I’m on enforced vacation because of the government shutdown, we decided to take a trip out. Laramie, WY is only a couple hours from here and yet we’d never been there, although we did pass by on our way to Salt Lake City a few weeks ago.

We were a bit delayed, but we finally got away mid-afternoon and headed up highway 287. Weather: fairly bright, occasional clouds, the odd spot of rain. Once out of Fort Collins it’s a pretty flat ride across mostly wilderness. There’s a store and gas station called The Forks (est. 1875), and that’s about it (so if you’re heading up that way I suggest making sure you have a full tank).

Things start to get interesting a few miles south of the Wyoming border. Here’s a panoramic shot I took at Virginia Dale:


A closer look at that rock formation:


Virginia Dale has also been hit by the shutdown, it seems:


And so, on to Laramie. First stop in town was the visitor centre, and it started raining just as we got there. It didn’t bother us. We took a little walk around the Ivinson Mansion—and I do mean around, because it was too late for the guided tour inside. The place is beautiful; this picture doesn’t do it justice (the light could have been better):


By the time we’d explored a bit it was getting decidedly cold. We took a slow ride around the town, then decided to grab a hot drink and a bite to eat before heading out. And at that moment, sleet and lightning and thunder began. We spotted what we thought was a corner cafe, but when we got inside we found that it was a full-service restaurant. And it was wonderful—great atmosphere, great food, great service. The place was called Jeffrey’s Bistro, and we can’t recommend it too highly. As far as Kate and I are concerned, it’s worth a three-plus-hour round-trip just to go there.

So, that was our (short) day trip. But we’re definitely going back, and the plan is to do it soon before the weather gets too bad (I wouldn’t want to be out in the wilds on highway 287 once the snow sets in). I want to see the inside of the mansion, and see some of the other historic buildings (Laramie has plenty, apparently), and I’m looking forward to another dinner at Jeffrey’s.

Tomorrow: RELEASE DAY!

Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia is unleashed tomorrow, October 12! It’ll be available as eBook and paperback, through various outlets—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords I know about, and there will probably be others. As I mentioned before, we’re having a Facebook party; swing by and check it out, even if you can only spare a few minutes.

Talking of which, I need to get together just a few more trivia questions for the free stuff giveaway. Until then . . .

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