Reporting In

Late for work this morning—or, since I work flexible hours, I should say that I was later than usual by about two hours because of an errand I had to run first. The moment I walked in, I was dragged into a meeting to decide which, of the two projects with critical problems, I was to be spending my time on. So that was decided, and I got right into it. And I pounded at that most of the day, until a bad headache came along. At that point I decided to pack it in and start fresh tomorrow. So, late start, early finish. I’ll have to make the hours up, but that’s not a problem.

Thanks to the yard work over the weekend, I didn’t get much editing done—a couple of hours on Saturday morning was all I managed to fit in. So the plan for tonight is, grab dinner (something quick and easy from one of the nearby fast-food joints will do), watch a bit of telly while eating (I’m watching Fringe season 4 on DVD), then get busy with some editing for an hour or two.

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