Yard Work: Fun With Filth

Following on from the previous . . .

I marked off the area from the side gate to the back corner of the house as my target for today, which is about half the weedy area of the yard. Perfectly chosen, as it worked out: my back started to give out just as I was down to the last handful of weeds.

  • Weeds ripped out: several hundred, possibly into the low four digits.
  • Rattlesnakes encountered: zero.
  • Japanese soldiers encountered: zero.
  • Back-break factor: 50%, give or take.
  • Sweat: I feel like I’m a quart low. Is it beer o’clock yet?
  • Soil: gathered about half a pound. Could be worse.
  • Spiderwebs: two or three. Gross-out factor 90%. (I don’t like spiders, and I hate getting webs on me.)

I need tea, a shower then food. I might get back to editing after that (I left off at a bit more than halfway through Chapter 7, so I’m not doing too bad), or I might kick back and watch some telly. Tomorrow, the other half of the weeding.

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