Carrying On From Where I Left Off

Regular readers of my old blog (Sid and Doris Bonkers of Penge) will know that I’ve discontinued that old blog, and I’m now firing things up here on WordPress. I’m not deleting the old blog (among other things, I sometimes refer back to it for various reasons).

Before I get into things properly, a quick tour. Be aware that this site is still in flux, a bit, and I’ll probably be rearranging things, and maybe adding another page or two later. For now, though, there are just the four pages to explore. This page, of course, is the main page and the blog. There’s an About page, with a bit about yours truly, and a Social page, where you can find links to my Twitter and Facebook profiles, etc. Last is the WiP page, where you can see current status on present and future writing projects. Explore away.

Without further ado, then, an update on what’s been going on in general:


Right now I’m working on edits for Mr. Gunn & Dr. Bohemia. A bit less than half of the ‘script has passed through the copy-editing phase, and is now up for line editing. The rest is in my to-do queue. I finished one chapter the other day, but I haven’t sent it to my copy editor yet—there’s one little part that’s bugging me, by refusing to look quite right no matter what I do. I’ve moved on to the next chapter, and I’ll get back to that one shortly with a fresh eye. The trouble right now is that I’m so loaded up at the day job, that I’m not getting much writing time, and when I do I’m too tired to think straight. Things on that front might have to wait until the weekend.

The Day Job

I’m working on three, count ’em, three projects, under two different technical managers. And two of those projects—each having a different manager—have “critical” work that needs to be done. So I’ve had to put the tech managers together, and let them sort out which work has the higher priority. In the meantime, I don’t even get to stop for lunch breaks.

Home Stuff

Front and back yards have exploded with weeds, thanks to the summer arriving. I’ve cleaned up the front, but the back is a disaster area. And we’ve had a heatwave this week, which has meant that it’s been too hot to work outside even in the evenings. The forecast says things should cool down a bit soon, so maybe I can go a-weeding tomorrow evening. Regardless, though, I’m probably going to be out there Saturday and maybe Sunday clearing up the mess. Hopefully I’ll get some time to get a good chunk of writing/editing done. We’ll see.

That’ll do for now. It’s Thursday, 6pm and high time I organised some dinner, and then it’s time to relax with a bit of telly.

Until next time…

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