Trump: Suspend Pending Investigation


YOU see this all the time in the TV police shows: cop does something suspicious; chief calls cop into office; chief tells cop, “You’re suspended pending the investigation. Hand over your badge and your sidearm.”

And that’s what you’d expect, right? Not just for police, but for just about anyone. If someone in a position of trust is under suspicion, you take them off the job until you’ve looked into it and decide whether to reinstate them, or fire them. Hell, if I was suspected of doing something wrong at work, I’d be suspended until the truth was known. It would happen THE SAME DAMNED DAY.

So . . . we have a “president” who’s under investigation for collusion with Russia. Among other things. And yet he’s still in the White House. Still signing Executive Orders. Still in charge of a bunch of idiots and corrupt officials determined to tear down anything that gets in the way of them making more money and paying less taxes — healthcare is under threat, as are education, civil rights, clean air and water and food . . .  the list goes on, and every day that passes is another day of erosion of everything that helps and protects the people of this country.

This has to stop.

It’s way past time for Trump to be suspended pending the results of the investigations. House arrest at Trump Tower, or Mar a Lago, or Rikers goddamn Island. In the meantime, he and his corrupt hangers-on shouldn’t be allowed to sign anything — no laws, no Executive Orders, not so much as a cheque.

Hand over your badge, Trump.

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