NEDERLAND, Colorado—which is about fifty miles from our home—has a yearly celebration based around a bizarre but true story involving a Norwegian guy, frozen solid and kept in a Tuff Shed right there in Nederland. I won’t go into the details but you can read all about it here.

We first heard about this whole thing a few years ago and we’d planned on being there sometime. Yesterday the subject came up and we wondered if maybe we’d missed it (again). And it turned out that it was happening, this weekend. It was a bit late to think about going up there yesterday, so we decided to leave it until today. Accordingly, this morning, early, we hit the road.

The road to Boulder


Being there on the Sunday we probably missed some of the real highlights, but there was still much fun to be had. Highlights…

  • Breakfast at Dot’s Diner. I had the ham and swiss cheese omelet with hash browns and sourdough toast, and it was superb. They make a damned good cup of coffee, too.
  • The Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center hosted a visit from the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, who rescue and rehabilitate injured birds of prey. We stayed for the presentation, and for the birds they brought with them:
Barn Owl
Barn Owl
Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture
Ferruginous Hawk


  • Paid a visit to Blue Owl Books. Lovely little bookshop that also sells coffee. The mocha is made using their own hot fudge, and it’s yummy.
  • The Frozen T-shirt contest was a hoot. Contestants are given a t-shirt that’s been folded up and deep-frozen. First one to get theirs opened up where they can get get it over their head and arms wins.
  • Turkey bowling: Six bowling pins, a “lane” made of snow, and frozen turkeys. It’s not as easy to hit the pins as you might think. All the same one guy scored two strikes—I suspect more by luck than judgement.

We took off after that. We would have stayed longer, but I think we’d seen most of the Sunday events by that time and in any case we were both feeling the effects of the altitude, I think. (Nederland is at around 8,200ft elevation). A couple of short stops on the way home to get a picture of the iced-over reservoir and some guys climbing a huge rock, then home in time for tea. All in all a great day.

20150315_134029 20150315_135008

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