Five Months

I just realised that tomorrow marks FIVE MONTHS since I switched from “real” cigarettes to e-cigs.

In all that time I’ve had only one lapse, at work, after a very high-stress couple of hours diagnosing and fixing a bug under an extremely tight deadline. We did it, but then I and my co-worker (who was also switching to vaping, but hadn’t quite packed in the tobacco at that time) stepped outside for a puff, and I scrounged just one cig off him. I won’t be doing that again—he smokes menthols.

Five months. It doesn’t seem like that long. Does that mean I can call myself a non-smoker? Ex-smoker, probably. Vaper is the proper term, I think. And perhaps not even that for much longer—I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to be getting through as many Vuse cartridges in a week as I used to; my consumption of the things seems to be dropping without me even trying. I wonder what would happen if I actually made an effort to deliberately cut down on those now?

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